The Team

Patricia Dawson - Founder

Experienced in the technology field as well as printing, communications fulfillment and production facilities, Patricia brings with her over 10 years of experience in providing executive leadership in business innovation, operational excellence, and project management. Her tenacious leadership style has earned her trust and respect among her team and her peers. Passionate about company culture and community, she is excited to build an organization that the team reveres and clients adore.

Landon Lagasse - Founding Team

For 15 years, Landon has successfully brought several products from concept to launch in the aerospace and medical device industries. His engineering start was at NASA’s Solid Rocket Booster Program but his cooking started from his mother at a young age. Landon worked his way up through the ranks of fine dining kitchens as a passion and a means to pay for school. From cooking fancy dinners with local Chef’s, to providing lunch for NASA Astronauts, gastronomy has always been a large part of Landon’s life.

Amanda Elam - Founding Team

A highly focused and passionate marketing professional dedicated to teamwork, brand building and organizational growth. Amanda specializes in helping growing companies streamline their marketing efforts and teams into an integrated, automated, highly-functioning marketing machine.

Keith Watt - Founding Team

More than 16 years of experience in the IT field, from programming to architectural design and team lead, Keith has a proven ability to lead teams of developers as well as working closely with business stakeholders to design, release, and maintain business critical products. He excels at understanding the business needs and systems workflow, and designing solutions that exceed all expectations.