Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box was started in Houston, Texas with one goal in mind – make healthy wholesome foods easily accessible for busy families. Navigating new parenthood herself, founder Patricia Dawson found the food options for kids, past the age of purees and milk, was underwhelming. This was especially true when dropping her daughter off at daycare. "Unless I set aside my Sunday to cook an array of wholesome ready-made meals, this girl was probably going to exist on mac'n'cheese everyday at lunch."

Realizing the importance of nutrition in a rapidly growing kid, and a foodie fan of the increasingly popular food delivery services, the gap in the industry was crystal clear. "I just couldn't believe there were not more services aimed at feeding our children!" So, she set out to bring this idea to life. Coming from a software background, embarking on the food industry presented a whole new challenge. "I knew I had to surround myself with talented, smart, and experienced people to succeed. Luckily I found Landon (Head Chef and Operations) early on and he was able to tackle those challenges in areas unfamiliar to me."

After speaking with many parents about their personal challenges with keeping healthy foods in front of their kids, Patricia established an overall strategy and aimed to provide quality and nutritious foods that were both affordable, and quickly accessible by busy parents. "Time is precious and juggling demanding careers, a household, and kids, it's hard! Every minute you can get back is valuable and we want to help families get back lots of theirs."