Frequently Asked Questions

Do the meals need to be heated?

All our meals are designed to be delicious cold! We realize that lunch time, or occasions where you need food on-the-go, does not always lend itself to have access to a microwave. Of course, many families enjoy these meals for quick no-fuss dinners, and if you have a microwave nearby, they are great heated up as well. If you do heat them up, please take them out of their containers.

Where do you get the ingredients for your lunches?

We source our ingredients from local suppliers, getting locally grown and raised food where we can, as well as organic selections. While everything may not be organic, it is wholesome, nutritious, and selected because it is something we would feed our own children.

Do I have to be home for delivery?

Nope! For our subscribers, we deliver our meals in a reusable Igloo cooler so they are kept refrigerated until you are home to store them in your refrigerator. Simply leave your cooler out at the next drop-off and we will swap it out. For ad-hoc orders, we deliver in a cooler bag that is yours to keep, though it should not sit out very long.

Will kids like these meals?

We realize these meals look like adult meals - there is a reason for that! Adults realize a solid meal midday is key to operating at your best, all day long. This is true for kids too! We want to provide wholesome meals, not just snacks, that will fuel their day. All of our meals are tested among age groups for flavor, texture and general appeal. They only make it to the menu when we get a majority thumbs up!

When will you expand delivery to my zip code?

We are receiving interest from all over the US and are prioritizing areas by the number of families looking for our service. PLEASE sign up for our wait-list and share with your friends! Your interest and area demand drives our ability to bring fresh lunch subscriptions to your area.

What dietary restrictions do you support?

Currently we can support a full weeks' worth of meals for vegetarian and nut-free requirements. While we have some gluten free and dairy free meals, we may not have a large enough selection to support a weeks' worth of unique meals at this time.

My child has dietary restrictions, can you accommodate?

We sure hope so! Currently, we offer menu options for vegetarian and nut free. Soon we will add more meals that are also dairy free, and gluten free. If you have a different kind of need, please contact us. We are always interested to add menu options that make Fresh Lunch Boxes available to everyone! Please note, our nut-free options are not processed in a nut-free facility. Take care when considering this option!


How do you portion your meals?

Our lunches are portioned based on the dietary guidelines from, by age, assuming this meal represents 25% of their total daily consumption, and planned for a moderately active child. We go further and ensure the macros are balanced within the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range, by age group as well.  Of course, you know your child best, so if your child is highly active, or just highly hungry, you can consider selecting the next age group, and vice versa if they are not a big eater.