Where Can I Find Quality Ready-to-Eat Kids Lunches?

In 2016, I became a mom. It was wonderful but a little overwhelming. However, by the time I returned to work I had gotten into a pretty good rhythm. She started at a wonderful daycare, the house stayed neat and tidy, she was sleeping through the night; I was on top of things!

And then she stopped being an infant and I found myself smack dab into toddlerhood.

The challenges of balancing professional life with my new family started to loom larger. One of the areas of parenthood that started to overwhelm me was nutrition. It was SO much easier when she was on the boob or the bottle as her main food source; but she was aging out of that fast!

To back up, personally, I have spent years getting a better relationship with food, understanding its value and impact, and how the choices I make fuel my lifestyle. An avid crossfiter, triathlete and ultra-runner, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen making sure I have the right food to fuel my lifestyle, so of course, I want my daughter’s meals to be as thoughtful and nutritious. But as she transitioned to solids, I faced the new learning hurdle of preparing her food too!

It wasn’t too bad at first, and kind of fun making all sorts of yummy purees, but soon that too was not enough. Now for the real food! I soon found myself spending so much time keeping ready made options for all the meals between breakfast, daycare and dinner, battling the ongoing mountain in the sink, that in order to get myself to work at a reasonable hour and still have family time after work, I was staying up pretty late – everything just started to get a lot harder!

Now I could rationalize that I would get a rhythm here too, but honestly, with a pretty demanding career, the thought of spending what precious time I had at home in the kitchen was a little disheartening. I mean, I already work all day, when do I spend time with this wonderful little human?

It was at that point, I realized, there must be a solution for this! I have my wardrobe managed on a subscription, I have meal prep packages sent, my workout snacks come weekly, my yard is on auto-pay, I mean all the time-consuming aspects of life were already serviced by a support system, why not this too? It doesn’t completely replace cooking for my daughter, and I wouldn’t want it to, but I could at least get help with the daycare/school meals. But there was nothing! It was at that moment I realized how many other families must need this too.

So Fresh Lunch by Yellow Box was born! I hope this service provides other families the solution I so desperately needed, and gives them quality time back with their family, without sacrificing nutrition to fuel their child’s day.

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