Making Lunch is Hard Ya’ll!

Look – I tend to overthink things as it is, but I think I am not alone here when I say that making lunch for my daughter is not as straightforward as one would think.

Before envisioning and launching Fresh Lunch Boxes, I would get up so early to get her food ready for the day. I take her to daycare at 7:30 and I need to supply her lunch, bottles, and snacks. Of course, she eats often, but not a lot, and she is particular from one day to the next, as to what she will eat.

Oh, and then there are the macros! Not only am I paranoid she will be starving at daycare, but I am paranoid her brain development will be stumped because mom didn’t provide adequate fats in her diet. Or her energy will be low if there are not enough carbs (though frankly, carbs are the least of my worries!) And will her bones and muscles develop properly if my menu choices are deficient in protein?

As an avid foodie and someone super interested, and into, how food fuels, and heals our bodies, I know at her rapid growth rate, this is really really important stuff!

I know it’s something I can tackle, but oh how I loved our mornings together before I had to spend it food prepping. She wakes up giggling, and we would cuddle, and sing, and get dressed and she would empty all my dresser drawers. And my morning was filled with joy and warmth before I started my day job. But that was starting to change as I stressed about the containers, and the bag, and where it would be stored, and if it’s cut enough, and if it’s balanced.

I am sure when she gets a little older, it will be easier, or will it? I imagine her oversleeping, and resisting eating on time, and needing help with her hair, and gathering her projects and supplies, so I suppose the night time will be my prep time, but when would be my mommy time? I work all day, the precious few hours at night and in the morning is when I reconnect with my daughter, and while I delight in teaching her about food as I cook, doing that for three square meals, every day, for all of us, means I pretty much stay in the kitchen.

Well, before Fresh Lunch Boxes that is. I really needed something like this for my own sanity, and peace, and family life balance. I hope it brings those things to your family too.

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