Nutritious Kids' Meals

Ready-to-eat meals, tailored for kids!
Order Online and Receive Ready-to-Eat Meals Delivered Directly to Your Door!
Age-targeted, wholesome meals, crafted for the right nutrition!

Fresh, nutritious meals

Freshly cooked with whole foods, packed with healthy entrees and fruit/veggie sides in every meal, delivered directly to your door.

Ready to Eat

Chef cooked, dietician approved, these meals are delivered cooked and packaged, and stay refrigerated in transit. Plus, these meals are made to be delicious hot or cold! So they are great for any meal, anywhere!

Age-Targeted Meals

Portions options optimized by age group.
Each portion size is designed to meet the nutritional needs of each age group. Tiny Bites (2-5), Mighty Bites (6-11), and Super Food (12+) Each option is balanced for healthy fats, carbs and lean proteins, with the right volume to fuel their day.

One meal program for all your kids

These meals are designed with convenience in mind.
No heating or cooking required means these are ready for school, camp, daycare, on the way to practice, or dinner.
There is a minimum of 5 meals per delivery, but your subscription is for the household. This means if you want 3 meals for your 5 year old (Tiny Bites), and 2 meals for your 10 year old (Mighty Bites), we can do this!

  • Tiny Bites
  • $8
    per meal
  • Tailored for ages 2-5
  • Target calories of 325 + balanced macros
  • Higher ratio of healthy fats to support brain development
  • Mighty Bites
  • $9
    per meal
  • Tailored for ages 6-11
  • Target calories of 425
  • Balanced macros for optimum nutrition
  • Super Food
  • $10
    per meal
  • Tailored for ages 12 +
  • Great for mom & dad!
  • Target calories of 500 with balanced carbs, fats and proteins


Healthy food even the pickiest eaters will love!

We offer meals to meet the following dietary restrictions

Nut Free


Dairy Free

Soy Free

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your plan

Choose your plan - Select from either weekly or every other week. Each week a new menu is available, allowing parents or kids to choose their meals. Want to swap broccoli for strawberries? Just add it to your ordering note that week.

Step 2: We Do The Cooking!

We think past traditional "kids' food" and make real food for real kids. Which looks much like adult meals, only simpler. Most of our produce is organic and all ingredients or products we source are free of synthetic dyes, nitrates, and high fructose corn syrup. We select meat products that are, grass-fed, pasture raised and organic where available.

Step 3: We Deliver to YOU

A full week of meals are brought right to your door for your kids to enjoy. They are cooked, packaged and delivered on the same day, delivered in sturdy, re-usable coolers. No excess packaging waste!

People are talking about Yellow Box!

My 13 year old goes to a school where it is way too crowded at lunch to have time to both get lunch and eat it, so I have to send her to school with lunch. Yellow Box has made that a breeze, because I can send her with a ready-to-eat, healthy meal and she can sit and eat, and enjoy her friends, without being rushed or grabbing from the vending machine.


I am not excited about the options the school has. The food is very starchy, carb-heavy and the veggies are loaded with butter. I am not a fanatic about what my kids eat, but the school options don't pass the mustard. I like sending them with healthy, easy meals, and they love being able to choose their own meals. Win!


Mom of 3 boys
This has saved dinner time in our household! I am not a big cook, but I don't want that to keep my kids from having a good variety and being introduced to new foods. My husband and I get home from work late, and we were eating out way too much. We love this service because we can get meals for all of us, the Super Food portion is perfect for us, and the Mighty Bites meets my kids' needs. Dinner time is so much less stressful now.


Mom of Three
My wife travels a lot for work, these have helped me a lot. My daughter won't eat the school lunch, but my son prefers it. So, a few of these each week help me take care of her lunch, a few dinners for us, and I even add an extra Super Food for my own lunch at work.


Dad of two

Our Story

The founding team of Yellow Box is made up of parents with hectic schedules in a dual working parent household, and working every day, like all parents, to do the very best by our children. We feel strongly about the value of nutrition in our children’s life – and chances are, you do too!

That’s why Yellow Box is different from the rest. We think past the apple slices and crackers and prepare foods that are rich in flavor, but have the right nutritional profile.

Yellow Box was started in Houston, Texas with one goal in mind – to make quality nutrition for kids, that every family has time for!

Check out our blog for information and updates!